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MCI Control Solutions - News

Motor Controls regularly add posts with original content in hopes to bring industry knowledge and other helpful information to it's customers and website visitors. The following posts cover many different topics. If you are seeking information on control solutions, then you may find exactly what you are looking for. If we do not have an article for what you are seeking information on, please contact a staff member and we will make sure you get the correct information needed.

MCI Custom Control Solutions

MCI Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering team provides customers a complete menu of services, such as electrical and mechanical CAD drawings, bills of material, catalog data sheets, PLC/OIT programming, and rapid prototyping, to test and fine tune designs to work in the intended environment and application. MCI also designs and manufactures custom enclosures to fit any application as well as offering an excellent selection of standard enclosures and the cost-effective option of modifying standard enclosures.

Exact Specifications

Engineer designing.

MCI: Commitment to Quality


Image of Project Management team working.

Added Value

Through a well engineered project management system, Motor Controls, Inc. delievers high quality control panel solutions-on time, on budget. Our quality managers keep our focus on customers expectations and standards. These managers partner with customers from beginning to completion of each project, staying in communication to make certain products leave our facility with the exact specifications required.

MCI: Motor Controls Inc.

A World Class Team

MCI, Motor Controls Incorporated is a world class team. Based in Dallas, Texas; MCI's 125,000 square foot facility is packed with state-of-the-art equipment. Everything from hi-tech laser cutting to an advanced wiring machine (one of only two in the United States), can quickly produce the finest control solutions on the market today. The coveted company has been family owned and operated for over forty years. Considered a global leader in the industry, MCI has more than a thousand solutions world wide.

Partners in Manufacturing Innovation

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MCI: Supply Chain Management

Gloabal Leader SCM

Supply Chain Management graphic

Supply Chain & Logistics

Motor Controls is a global leader in the control panel industry because MCI has accquired all of the brands needed to link the company to a high-performaning supply chain management business model. This gives MCI a extremely competitive advantage on the global market. The collaboration between the brands accquired by MCI allows Motor Controls to more efficiently manufacture complete control solutions.

Motor Controls Inc. Branding

MCI: Motor Controls Inc.

Motor Controls operates as one of the largest and most vertically integrated control solution manufacturers in North America. The company established itself as a privately held corporation more than 40 years ago in 1980. MCI is ISO 9001:2015 certified, designs, and manufactures to UL508a, 698A, 778, 1640, 50, and CSA standards. Recognized as a global leader in the industry the company's CEO Jim Carter adheres firmly to the company's mission statement, "Meeting the customer's requirements, every requirement, everytime" on a daily basis.

Company Branding

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MCI Company Mission Statement

Motor Controls Inc. Mission

MCI: Quality Products & Service

Motor Controls Inc. has always stood by their mission statement, “Meeting the customer’s requirements, every requirement, everytime” since it opened it’s doors more than 40 years ago. By adhering to this mission, MCI has earned the reputation as a global leader in the control panel industry. Companies worldwide have come to recognize the MCI company brand for quality and sevrvice.

MCI: Control Solution Automation

MCI: Dallas Facility Automation

Motor Controls Inc.'s 5S state-of-the-art fully automated facility in Dallas, TX takes manufacturing automation to the next level with control panel production. The ability to produce control solutions on a large scale, shorter lead times, and higher quality gives both MCI and it's cliental a complete advantage in the global control panel industry. MCI's new panel shop features top automated equipment from high quality brands like Komax, Trumpf, Perforex, and more.

Company Automation

MCI Environmental RSS Feed

Online RSS Feeds

MCI Environmental RSS Outlets

Motor Controls and it’s sister brands are committed to improving and maintaining the environment. MCI has compiled a short list of environmental RSS feeds from some well known online media outlets in hopes of educating our customers and the public in general about current issues facing a “greener” better world.

MCI Manufacturing & Industrial RSS Feed

MCI Manufacturing RSS News

Motor Controls and it’s sister brands are committed to keeping our customers up-to-date on current industrial & manufacturing trends. MCI has compiled a short list of manufacturing RSS feeds from some well known online media outlets. All feeds are regulary updated to ensure the most current news is available on our website.

Online Industrial News

MCI: Greener Manufacturing Sustainability

Environmentally Friendly Operation

Greener Production Processes

Motor Controls Inc. is increasing it’s efforts to utilize greener manufacturing sustainability capabilities. By investing in the latest technology in manufacturing equipment, MCI is reducing it’s footprint on harmful emissions, conserves water consumption, and uses less energy. MCI’s push toward a greener production process reduces manufacturing waste, improves efficiency, and lowers production costs that are passed onto customers.