About Us

Who We Are

MCI Controls Solutions was Founded in 1980 as a privately held corporation, MCI has established itself as a leader in the control panel industry. MCI specializes in design, development, and manufacturing of quality UL listed control panels for some of the most respected OEMs in the US and abroad. We now have one of the largest control panel operations in the nation with over 220 employees working in a 240,000 square foot facility. MCI has achieved this status by staying true to a central principal: meeting our customers’ requirements, every requirement, every time.

To meet quality standards across a wide range of applications in a wide range of industries including water and wastewater treatment, water treatment, material handling, oil and gas, and more, MCI is certified to ISO 9001:2015. We design and manufacture to UL508a, UL 50, CUL, and CSA requirements.

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What We Do

MCI Controls Solutions offers something most UL control panel manufactures can’t: the added capability to design and manufacture electrical enclosures. MCI’s (Steeline Enclosures) brand provides standard and custom enclosure designs, as well as offering customers the economy and practicality of modified standard enclosures to fit specific applications. We also specialize in enclosures designed to protect electrical equipment in a variety of environments.

Our Capabilities

MCI Motor Controls’ capabilities begin with an in-house team of engineers and designers highly experienced in creating control solutions for numerous industries. We bring many other capabilities to the table. adding value for our customers, and they have helped us become a leader in the industry.

Capabilities Include:

  • A commitment to quality. To ensure quality across the spectrum of markets we serve we are ISO 9001:2015 certified and we provide quality managers to work with customers on every phase of a project to make certain we stay on target.
  • The added capability to design and manufacture electrical enclosures, something most UL control panel manufacturers can’t offer customers.
  • Having one of the largest control panel shops in the industry, which gives us the capacity to serve major customers. As a benefit, our large business volume provides us substantial purchasing power, which allows us to provide a cost advantage to customers of all sizes.
  • Warehouse space for customer-provided materials, separate from our general inventory.
  • Resources to build and design our own packaging, produce bar coding, and product labeling to meet customers’ brand standards.
  • Continuing commitment to customer service through technical support after product installation.
  • Ability to serve global markets, as our engineers are well versed in meeting the codes and industrial standards of other countries.
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Industries Served

MCI Motor Controls solutions are at work (application showcase) in numerous industries and countless applications.

MCI control solutions products, designed and produced for leading OEMs, are on the job every day in an impressive variety of industries, automating processes and controlling equipment reliably and efficiently.

For instance, we design and manufacture controls for pumping applications in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. In wastewater facilities, MCI’s controls synchronize dewatering equipment- such as sludge belt conveyors, belt filter presses, gravity belt thickeners and centrifuges- processing sludge making it suitable for agriculture and other uses.

MCI designs, programs, and produces process and automation controls for manufacturing applications, for everything from servo motors to industrial equipment and material handling conveyors used in the exacting processes of packaging and bottling.

For numerous water pumping applications, MCI designs and manufactures simplex, duplex, and triplex pump control systems. Among these are submersible pumps, sump pumps, horizontal pumps, vertical turbine pumps, plunger pumps, and saltwater disposal pumps.

In domestic and foreign markets, MCI specializes in the upstream and midstream markets for the oil and gas industry. Our drive and automation products can be found on rod pumps, positive displacement pumps, progressive cavity pumps and ESP pumps.

Motor Controls Inc. with its broad base of engineering expertise also is set to help answer the increasing call for alternative energy technologies, such as power distribution controls for wind and solar.

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Our Brands & Divisions

MCI Controls Solutions is a sister company to three other industry brands.

The acquisition of Flowtronex and WET has allowed MCI the capability to manufacture complete custom systems in-house from start to finish. The MCI Advantage is obvious and customers have come to rely on those advantages when it comes to their projects.

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