The MCI Advantage

40 Years
Building Panels

240,000 ft2

70+ Skilled
Panel Builders

24 Electrical & Mechanical

15,000 Panels
Built Per Year

Greener Production Process

MCI: Greener Manufacturing Sustainability

MCI: Greener Production & Operations Motor Controls Inc. is increasing it’s efforts to utilize greener manufacturing sustainability capabilities. By investing in the latest technology in manufacturing equipment, MCI is reducing it’s footprint on harmful emissions, conserves water consumption, and uses less energy. MCI’s push toward a greener production process reduces manufacturing waste, improves efficiency, and

MCI Environmental RSS Feed

MCI Environmental RSS Outlets Motor Controls and it’s sister brands are committed to improving and maintaining the environment. MCI has compiled a short list of environmental RSS feeds from some well known online media outlets in hopes of educating our customers and the public in general about current issues facing a “greener” better world. Motor