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Building Panels

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MCI Control Solutions - Build to Print

MCI has been providing UL 508a control panels for over 40 years. Customers from multiple industries come to MCI with a process or application requiring a custom solution. With an experienced team of mechanical and electrical engineers, coupled with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, MCI provides that solution. By adhering to procedures outlined in MCI's ISO-9001 certification, customers can expect a control panel that meets their expectations due to required approval process that ensures the customers' needs are met.

Custom/Build to Print Control Panels

Built to your Specifications

The Right Enclosure

MCI designs and fabricates custom enclosures that reliaby and functionally house and protect our control panels. In addition we offer customers a wide range of standard enclosures and offer the practical, cost-effective option of mofifying standard enclosures to accommodate the unique features of specific control solutions.