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MCI Control Solutions - MCI: Control Solution Automation

MCI: Dallas Facility Automation

Motor Controls Inc.’s 5S state-of-the-art fully automated facility in Dallas, TX takes manufacturing automation to the next level with control panel production. The ability to produce control solutions on a large scale, shorter lead times, and higher quality gives both MCI and it’s cliental a complete advantage in the global control panel industry. MCI’s new panel shop features top automated equipment from high quality brands like Komax, Trumpf, Perforex, and more. Delivers precision equipment that not only meets the company’s client’s exact needs, but every need will continue to carry MCI’s branding well into the future of the industry as a reknown global leader.

MCI Dallas Facility Automation

MCI: CO2 Laser Automation

MCI’s TruLaser 3030 modular automation cutting system by Trumpf increased the company’s capability to quickly cut and manage very thick sheets of steel necessary for the construction of control panel enclosures. The CO2 2D cutting machine is state-of-the-art technology that can easily cut sheets of steel into precisely measured panel components within seconds allowing MCI to have the material needed to produce many panel solutions per day. Previously, only enough parts were availble to produce a few solutions per day.

MCI: Production Welding Automation

Motor Control’s automatic welding system allows MCI to quickly weld many control panel units increasing the company’s daily poroduction numbers. The higher production rate through automation allows the company to quickly produce better quality products at a much lower cost. This advantage give MCI’s customers the ability to purchase precice custom control solutions at a price that can’t easily be matched on the market today. MCI’s welding automation allows the company to reach a much broader cliental than ever previously imagined.

MCI: Perforex Milling Automation

Motor Control’s Perforex milling, tapping, and drilling machine from Rittal allows the company to increase turn around times and the mechanical processing times of panel enclosure units. This capability is a huge advatage that not only saves time but increases the ability to quickly customize control panels in a single cycle in varying sizes. with reduced labor needs this automation quickly increases the benefits to MCI’s growing number of customers.

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