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Building Panels

240,000 ft2

70+ Skilled
Panel Builders

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15,000 Panels
Built Per Year

MCI Control Solutions - MCI: Supply Chain Management

MCI: Supply Chain Management

Motor Controls is a global leader in the control panel industry because MCI has accquired all of the brands needed to link the company to a high-performaning supply chain management business model. This gives MCI an extremely competitive advantage on the global market. The collaboration between the brands accquired by MCI allows Motor Controls to more efficiently manufacture complete control solutions as well as pumping systems, filtration systems, and high quality steel enclosures, which gives the end consumer value, lower pricing, and a higher quality product.

Global Supply Chain Management graphic

MCI: Meeting Customer Requirements

By working with the client directly from the beginning to help identify the client’s exact needs, MCI can take advantage of it’s supply chain management model to offer the client a complete production schedule that utilizes the efficient use of resources, distribution capacity, inventory, labor, and logistical capabilities. Professionally managing design and manufacturing logistics not only meets the client’s needs but does so in the mutually beneficial manner.

MCI: Supply and Logistics

Motor Controls has consistently been able to successfully adapt and overcome many obsticles in the face of a constantly changing world. MCI’s supply chain resilience has not only allowed them to persist and transform in an ever evolving industry but to excel and position itself as a world leader in industry technology and related manufacturing processes. For over forty years MCI has continued to improve it supply chain logistics, and that benefits everyone that uses it’s products time and again.

Motor Controls offers clients standard control solutions and custom control solutions. Our in-house engineers can design and develop a complete system that meets your exact needs, no matter the application. Talk to a Motor Controls profesional now to find out how our experience and supply chain management model can benefit you and your customers.

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